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Steven Assael

“Beneath the Surface – Portraits and Figures”

EXHIBIT: June 10 – August 26, 2023


Solo exhibition of New York artist Steven Assael’s latest works, titled “Beneath the Surface – Figures and Portraits”. The exhibition will feature a stunning collection of Assael’s oil paintings, pastels, and drawings, showcasing the complexity and beauty of the human form.

Steven Assael is one of the most influential figurative artists of our time, whose work has been exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide and is featured in numerous public and private collections. His signature style combines classical techniques with contemporary sensibilities, creating timeless and evocative images. He’s a new “old world” master.

“The exploration of life and the investigation of the universality of the events and relationships that inform our shared human experience underpin the whole of Assael’s art production. His avid curiosity for this life motivates him to work and keeps him painting.” Michael Gormley-American Artist magazine

The exhibition will showcase over 20 works that demonstrate Assael’s mastery of the human form, capturing the essence of each subject through skillful rendering, nuanced use of color, and expressive brushwork. Assael’s paintings, whether full-length portraits or close-up studies, evoke emotion and invite the viewer to contemplate the inner world of the sitter.

Steven Assael - "Beneath the Surface - Portraits and Figures"