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Cut, Snipped, Torn and Pasted

Envelope Collages by

Lisa R. Fredenthal-Lee

OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, April 24, 4-7PM

EXHIBIT: April 24 – June 13, 2021


Cut, Snipped,Torn and Pasted

Envelope Collage

Scissors were my first tool. Paper and paste my first materials. In development for 5 years, my current work is a return to a beginning. With a lifelong love, and respect for castoff materials, I am inspired by this common throwaway. The envelope.

At a glance my pictures may read as something they are not. Assembled from the printed interiors of envelopes cut, snipped, torn and pasted. These works defy their origins.

Educated as both a painter and printmaker in search of the immediate, I learned to paint in black and white. Printmaking gave me my love for texture and the black etched line.  A finite palette is part of my identity. Collage as a medium is limitless.  Envelopes rescued from trash cans world over, offer up an array of patterns and colors from which to build.

My subject matter is a result of discovery  and memory. Since the invention of this new medium, I have enlightened  many  to look at their mail differently.

Cut, Snipped Torn and Pasted