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Patrick Duegaw –

“View With an Appropriate Amount of Skepticism”

EXHIBIT: May 10 – July 7, 2024


The current show, Patrick Duegaw, View With an Appropriate Amount of Skepticism, includes works from several past exhibitions:

The Trials of the Golden Rat series is derived from a childhood game, FIVE LINES, where random scribbles are drawn on a blank page to become an inventive jumping-off point. Part cloud-busting, part Rorschach test, this version of the game explores the power of drawing and intent, as interpreted through the epic poem The Twelve Labours of Hercules. The five lines, here drawn on blank ‘plates’, are transformed into thirteen images depicting mythical animal-human hybrids in tales of ignorance, manipulation and control, intolerance, hubris, greed; and, conversely, of justice and acceptance. In this series, the original five marks are printed in red ink, in order to emphasize the generative creative process.

The Painted Theatre Project (PTP), Patrick Duegaw’s on-going body of work, which includes The Innumerable Anxieties, and the Creation, Preservation, and Destruction series, reinterprets both painting and the basic rules of dramatic construction. These productions combine installation, painting and theater, where, in place of thespians, objects, and a stage, it instead features a painted cast, props, and sets. The action that takes place is rendered to imply movement, rather than actually performed, and the dialog is written rather than spoken. Fake Tools is the most recent addition to the PTP, and ‘perform’ as props in this deconstructed ‘performance’.

Patrick Duegaw - "View With the Appropriate Amount of Skepticism"