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Roberta Ahrens

I have always had an affinity for the shapes, forms and colors in nature, what I choose to call nature’s architecture. To me, in a world that seems to be devolving into ugliness and divisiveness there is a deep value in calling attention to the inherent beauty of the structure and balance of nature. Whether it comes from the heart of a flower in my garden or the force of a wave rolling in from across the Pacific, the rhythms of nature carry a power I seek to convey to the world through the work I produce in my studio. My hope is that the work I produce manifests beauty and peace into a world desperately in need of both.


Solo Shows

2020-21 50 Piece “The Architecture of Nature” Living Green Gallery, San Francisco

2019 Winter Show Chevuex Salon, Sonoma, California

2019 ‘Water Dance’ Pop Up – Alley Gallery Sonoma, California

2019 ‘Architecture of Nature’– A Retrospective 2005-2019 Redwood Café Cotati, California 2019 Pie Eyed Open Studio, Sebastopol, California

2019 Spring Show Chevuex Salon, Sonoma, Ca

2019 Ice House Gallery, Petaluma, California

2019 Tea Room Café, Petaluma, California

2018 Fall -Winter Show Chevuex Salon, Sonoma, Ca

2018 Spring Show Chevuex Salon, Sonoma, Ca

2018 UCSF Women’s Health and Reproductive Institute 3 floor

2017 Fall -Winter Chevuex Salon, Sonoma, Ca

2017 Spring Show Chevuex Salon, Sonoma, Ca

2017 to current Chevuex Salon, Sonoma, Ca

2016 Pie Eyed Open Studio, Sobastopol, California

2016 Sunflower Caffe and Wine Bar 421 N. First Street, Sonoma

2014 Gail Van Dyke Gallery Marin Cancer Center Greenbrae, California

2013 Sunflower Caffe and Wine Bar 421 N. First Street, Sonoma

2010 Nova Bar & Restaurant San Francisco, California August-October

2010 Beautiful Orchids, San Francisco California January to present

2010 Aqus Cafe Petaluma, California March 2010

2010 di Pietro Todd San Francisco, California June-September

2009 Sunflower Caffe, “April Showers bring May Flowers” Sonoma, California

2009 Dimensions Galleria, Petaluma, Ca. 2009 July – October (closed)

2007 HRJ Capital Investment offices, Woodside California April- August

2007 Aqus Caf Petaluma, California March

2004 – 2006 Living Green, San Francisco, California

2004 – 2006 Studio Replica Inc. Petaluma, California

2004 50th Anniversary Art in the Park, Petaluma, California

2004 Miyares Gallery Sonoma Academy, Luther Burbank Center for the Arts

Santa Rosa, California

2004 Institute for Health and Healing Library show

Documentary of Commissioned Painting by Roberta Ahrens