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Omar d'Leon

Omar d’Leon is one of the most renowned painters and poets to come from Nicaragua in the last 50 years. His early inspirations were the frescos of Pompeii, where he saw the use of cross-hatching and applied this technique to his love of the Impressionist school. He is best known for his brilliant graffito paintings of magical scenes inspired by mythology. His paintings are housed in many museums.


Solo Exhibitions

2012 Paul Mahder Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2009 Ventura County Museum, Ventura, CA

The Americas Collection, Miami, FL

2008 Salinas Gallery, Beverly Hills, CA

2004 Palacio de La Cultura in Managua

2002 Retrospective de Omar d’Leon, National Theatre of Managua, Nicaragua

1998 Nicaraguan National Theater, Managua, Nicaragua

1997 Banco Mercantil – Managua, Nicaragua

Galeria Genesis, Managua, Nicaragua

The Americas Collection, Miami, FL

1995 Museo-Galeria Genesis – Managua, Nicaragua

1993 The Americas Collection, Miami, FL

Bond Gallery, San Francisco, CA

1991 Armand Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA

1990 Museo Galeria Omar d’Leon – Managua, Nicaragua

Palm Street Gallery, CA

1989 Gallery Fernandez, CA

1988 Gallery Costa de Oro, CA

1987 Gallery Qualli, Mexico City, Mexico

1986 Ethinow Gallery, San Diego, CA

1983 Carnegie Museum, CA

1982 Museo de Tauroentum, France


Diploma From Consulado General de Nicaragua

Coveted Gold Medal, Nicaragua

Silver Medal, Guatemala