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Mike Berg

“Berg is a kind of aesthetic anarchist, disrupting the natural processes of decay and organizing his interventions into exquisitely layered abstraction.” – Linda Yablonsky


(b. 1948 Portland, Oregon USA)

Lives and works in Istanbul, Turkey and New York, NY


1971 BA University of Washington, Seattle

1972 BFA, Fort Wright College, Spokane, WA

1972 Resident, Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, MA


2021 Metal Epoch, Paul Mahder Gallery, Healdsburg, California

2019 The Ship That Sailed, ADAS Gallery, Istanbul

2018 Cage/Kafes, Paul Mahder Gallery, Healdsburg, California

2018 What is the Meaningless of This?, Siyah Beyaz Gallery, Ankara, Turkey

2018 IKNA/Persuasion, Galeri Nev, Istanbul, Turkey

2017 Degenerate Work, Site: Brooklyn , NY. (with essay and book design by Stanley Moss)

2016 The Stremmel Gallery, Reno, Nevada

2015 upcoming 6th solo show: Kocaman Kafes, at Galeri Nev, Istanbul, Turkey

2013-14 Recent Textiles, Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego

2013 Mike Berg: Taking Chances, Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego

2012 Simple Geometry, Galeri Nev, Istanbul, Turkey

2012 Believing in Impossible Things, Ankara, Turkey

2011 5/3 Insane, PGArtSpace, Istanbul, Turkey

2010 Heavy Metal, Galeri Nev, Istanbul, Turkey

2008 The Aftermath of Sunny Days, Galeri Nev, Istanbul, Turkey

2006 Run My Hand Around The Font, Center for Contemporary Art, Seattle, WA

You Can’t Say It That Way Anymore, Galeri Nev, Istanbul, Turkey

2005 Galleons And Towers, Kadir Has Üniversitesi, Istanbul, Turkey

2004 Mistaking Street Lamps for Planets, Lorinda Knight Gallery, Spokane, WA

2003 Mike Berg at the Hagia Sofia Museum, Istanbul, Turkey

Bronze Age, Galeri Nev, Istanbul, Turkey

2001 Florence DeVoldere Salon, Paris, France

2000 Little House of Our Desire, Dulcinea, Istanbul, Turkey

What Days Are For, Sling Shot Gallery, New York, NY

What Days Are For, Heriard/Cimino Gallery, New Orleans, LA

1999 Now It Goes Smoothly, Gina Fiore Salon of Fine Arts, Chelsea Hotel, New York, NY

Now It Goes Smoothly, Eastern Washington University, Cheney, WA

1998 A Family of Stories, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Boulder, CO

1997 A Haven of Serenity and Unreachable, Rule Gallery, Denver, CO

Patterns in Time, Maria Henle Studio, St. Croix, USVI

1995 Visions Fugitives, Elaine Kaufman Cultural Center, New York, NY

A History of Backward Glances, Lee Arthur Studio, New York, NY

1993 Lee Arthur Studio, New York, NY

1991 Sharon Truax Gallery, Venice, CA

1990 McGrath Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1989 Earl McGrath Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

56 Bleecker Gallery, New York, NY

1988 Mike Berg in the Tin Room, 56 Bleecker Gallery, New York, NY

1987 Inaugural Exhibition, The Queens Museum, New York, NY

The Donald Wren Gallery, New York, NY

Interior/Exterior: Architectural Fantasies, Untitled, The Queens Museum, New York, NY

1986 Guid’Arte Gallery, Rome, Italy

1985 Louisiana State University, School of Art Gallery, Baton Rouge

1984 Noel Butcher Gallery, Philadelphia, PA