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Martin Facey

Martin Facey lives and works in the North San Diego area. His new work culminates 40 years of explorations with symbolic imagery, rich surfaces, primal subjects and faith in processes that invite chance, accident, gesture, gravity, and time as “worthy partners.”


Facey received two graduate degrees in painting from UCLA, and both the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts have awarded Facey’s work with Single Artist Fellowships in Painting. Martin Facey has been a celebrated teacher of visual arts since 1980. He has had numerous solo exhibitions and his paintings have been widely collected.




2006 – now    Adjunct Professor. Miracosta College, Oceanside, CA

2003-06        Chair of Department of Art and Art History, University of New Mexico.

2006             Retired Professor Emeritus .  University of New Mexico

1986-2006     Professor of Visual Arts, University of New Mexico

1983-85        University of California, Los Angeles, Lectureship

1978-85        Santa Monica College, Adjunct Profesor

1970-74        UCLA, Los Angeles, Graduate Teaching Assistantship

1973             Master of Fine Arts, UCLA

1973             Master of Arts, UCLA

1971            Bachelor of Arts, UCLA

1968            Rutgers, State University of New Jersey

1967           University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND.




2014      Paul Mähder Gallery, San Francisco

2012     “Pluck” L-Street Gallery, San Diego

2011      “Seed” Claremont Chamber of Commerce Gallery, Clarement, Ca.

2009       “New Seed” Ray Street Gallery,  San Diego,  Ca.

2007      “Botany Surrealism” Kruglak Gallery,  Oceanside, Ca.

2006      “Fork: an Installation”  University of New Mexico Art Museum

2005      “Cells: an Installation”  Jonson Gallery, University of New Mexico

2004      “Tree: an Installation’  Sommers Gallery, University of New Mexico

1998      “The Maps”   Jan Baum Gallery, Los Angeles, Ca.

1997      “The Maps”  Jean Albano Gallery, Chicago, Ill.

“Parables of the Mask”   University of New Mexico,  Gallup Gallery

1996      “The Maps”  Jean Albano Gallery, Chicago, Ill.

1995      “The Maps”  University of New Mexico, Fitzgerald Gallery

1994      “The Maps”  Jean Albano Gallery,  Chicago, Ill.

“Parables of the Mask”  Graham Gallery, Albuquerque, NM.

1993      “Vessels”  Marx Gallery in association with Jean Albano Gallery

1992       “Vessels of Light”  Soma Gallery, San Diego, Ca.

1991        “Vessels of Light”  Works Gallery, Long Beach, Ca.

“Vessels of Light”  Jean Albano Gallery, Ca.

“Vessels of Light”  Sena Gallery, Santa Fe, NM.

1990       “Vessels”   Sena Gallery, Santa Fe, NM.

“Recent Work”   Raw Space Gallery, Albuquerque, NM.

“Vessels”   Zimmerman-Saturn Gallery,  Nashville, TN.

“Recent Work”   Riverside Art Museum, Riverside, Ca.

1988        “Vessels”  Tortue Gallery, Santa Monica, Ca.

“Vessels”  Jean Albano Gallery, Chicago, IL.

1987       “Martin Facey”  University of New Mexico Art Museum

“Dreams of Women”  Ivory-Kimpton Gallery, San Francisco, Ca.

1986      “Dreams”  Tortue Gallery, Santa Monica, Ca.

1985      “Martin Facey”   Claremont Graduate School Gallery, Clarement, CA.

1984      “California”  Ivory-Kimpton Gallery,  San Francisco, CA.

1983      “California”  Tortue Gallery, Santa Monica, CA.

“California’  Ivory-Kimpton Gallery, San Francisco, CA.

1982      “Callifornia”  Tortue Gallery, Santa Monica, CA.

1981      “California”  Ivory-Kimpton Gallery, San Francisco, CA.

1980     “Tables”  Tortue Gallery, Santa Monica, CA.

1979     “Five-Year Survey: Martin Facey”  Barnsdall Gallery, Municipal Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.

1978     “25 Works on Paper”  Santa Monica Municipal Gallery, Santa Monica, CA.

1974     “Master of Arts Exhibition”  Frederick Wright Gallery, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA.



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Dr. Kevin Flynn/ Ava Bise

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John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship in Painting:  1982-83

National Endowment for Arts Fellowship in Painting:  1992-93

Regent’s Lectureship in Painting, University of New Mexico:  1996-99