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Chris Blum

In 1998 I started working with existing objects, recycling things that I have collected over the years, objects from garage sales and flea markets, even objects I find on the street. I like to believe they get a second life in my work by representing my anthropological views of the 24/7 news cycle onslaught, whether it’s Michael Jackson’s color evolution or the pop tartiness of Anna Nicole Smith, the burdens of a president or the sheepishness of swayed crowds. I am happy when I see the obvious reveal the unexpected. I am proud to have my work in the permanent graphics collections of the Smithsonian as well as in the MOMA in New York and the Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco, as well as many private collections.



2003 Roshambo Gallery, Healdsburg, CA

2005 h2, Healdsburg, CA

2007 Barn Diva Gallery, Healdsburg, CA

2009 Taylor & Co., San Francisco, CA

2011 Napa Valley Museum, Yountville, CA

2015 Paul Mahder Gallery, Healdsburg, CA

2018 Paul Mahder Gallery, Healdsburg, CA

Permanent Collections

New York MOMA – Permanent Graphics Collection

Smithsonian – Permanent Graphics Collection

Achenbach Foundation/Leion of Honor, San Francisco

Djerassi Foundation, Woodside, CA

Multiple Private Collections