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David Skillicorn

David Skillicorn, based in New York and Massachusetts, has been creating luminous abstract paintings for over twenty years. He explores complex spatial and color relationships through the use of texture, organic line, and sensuous fields of color. In his Della Terra paintings, he often mixes in elements of the physical landscape directly into the paint — sand, stone dust, field grasses, bits of flora — infusing the work with the presence of the natural world. In mixed media works on canvas, Skillicorn creates sophisticated, intuitive paintings alive with surface texture, lush paint of vibrant colors in bold strokes over atmospheric passages.

Skillicorn has exhibited nationally in a numerous of solo and juried group exhibitions, including at the Rose Museum at Brandeis University, the Tang Art Museum, the Attleboro Art Museum, Danforth Art Museum and Fitchburg Art Museum in Massachusetts. His paintings are part of numerous public and private collections throughout the country, including Johns Hopkins, Regent Hotel, Intel, Chase Bank and many others.

2020  Chase Young Gallery, Boston MA
2020  Amy Simon Fine Art, Westport CT
2020  White Room Gallery, Bridgehampton NY
2020  Trove Gallery, Park City UT
2020  Jack Meier Gallery, Houston TX
2020  Paul Mahder Gallery, Healdsburg CA
2020  Desta Gallery, San Anselmo CA
2020  Coastal Contemporary Gallery, Newport RI
2020  Paula Estey Gallery, Newburyport MA

2019  Chase Young Gallery, Boston MA
2019  Fitchburg Art Museum, Fitchburg MA
2019  White Room Gallery, Bridgehampton NY
2019  Trove Gallery, Park City UT
2019  Art Market Hamptons, Bridgehampton NY
​2019  Paul Mahder Gallery, 
Healdsburg CA
2019  Desta Gallery, San Anselmo CA
2019  Art
Aspen, Aspen CO
Coastal Contemporary Gallery, Newport RI
2019  Diana Felber Gallery, West Stockbridge MA
2019  Paula Estey Gallery, Newburyport MA
2019  Elusie Gallery, Easthampton MA
2018  Paul Mahder Gallery, Healdsburg CA
2018  Diana Felber Gallery, West Stockbridge MA
2018  Coastal Contemporary Gallery, Newport RI
2018  Galatea Fine Art, Boston MA
2018  Paula Estey Gallery, Newburyport MA
2018  Elusie Gallery, Easthampton MA
2017  Fitchburg Art Museum, Fitchburg MA
2017  Attleboro Art Museum, Attleboro MA
2017  Northampton Biennial, Northampton MA
2017  Paul Mahder Gallery, Healdsburg CA
2017  Diana Felber Gallery, West Stockbridge MA
2017  Sprinkler Factory Gallery, Worcester MA
2017  Burnett Gallery, Amherst MA
2016  Paul Mahder Gallery
, Healdsburg CA
2016  Attleboro Art Museum, Attleboro MA
2016  Elusie Gallery, Easthampton MA
2016  Galatea Fine Art, Boston MA
2016  Hosmer Gallery, Northampton MA
2016  Greenfield Gallery, Greenfield MA
2016  Shea Theater Arts Center, Turners Falls MA
2016  Saw Mill River Art Gallery, Montague MA
2016  Burnett Gallery, Amherst MA
2015  Galatea Fine Art, Boston MA
2015  Zullo Gallery, Medford MA
2015  Greenfield Gallery, Greenfield MA
2014  Pushkin Gallery, Greenfield MA
2014  Arts Block Gallery, Greenfield MA
2013  Pushkin Gallery, Greenfield MA
2013  Arts Block Gallery, Greenfield MA
2012  Unison Art Center Gallery, New Paltz NY
2012  Pushkin Gallery, Greenfield MA
2011  Pushkin Gallery, Greenfield MA
2011  Hosmer Gallery, Northampton MA
2011  Burnett Gallery, Amherst MA
2011  Arts Block Gallery, Greenfield MA
2010  Pushkin Gallery, Greenfield MA
2010  Arts Block Gallery, Greenfield MA
2009  Pushkin Gallery, Greenfield MA

Public Collections:
New York Pfizer Inc
​Temple University
Chase Bank
​Bell Atlantic
Adobe Systems
Northern Trust Bank
Dana Farber Cancer Center
Johns Hopkins
United Airlines
Morgan, Lewis and Bockius
Regent Hotel
The Austin Company
​Heller Financial Services
The Rubenstein Company
Lincoln Financial
Voyageur Capital

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Artist Profile: David Skillicorn