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Textured Portraits

Custom Textured Portraits

by Paul Mahder

Portraits are traditionally about capturing your physical likeness, or a moment in time and nothing more.

Custom textured portraits by Paul Mahder are one-of-a-kind works of art, especially tailored to each individual by carefully selecting and layering natural texture images over your body that compliment and bring out aspects of your personality.

Paul Mahder works with hundreds of texture images to find the perfect match with the right color, feel, scale and position. This can take from 1-3 weeks.

Oddly, certain textures work with some people and not others. Each person has textures in nature that resonate with who they are.

These portraits are also an expression of our inexplicable connection with nature and our relationship with it.

Here’s How The Process Works:

Photo Shoot
Artistic Process
Selection Presentation
Printing and Framing

You can set up an appointment by calling (707) 473-9150 for a private consultation. We will look at examples of different types of textured portraits and discuss settings, creative ideas, direction and price.

This “getting to know you” time is important for Paul Mahder in deciding how best to photograph you and for you to better understand his process.

The photo shoot(s) normally take 2 hours and usually take place at the Paul Mahder Gallery, a private, peaceful and creative space. Sometimes there may be a photo shoot on location depending upon your specific needs. The photos will range from posed to spontaneous to capture a broad range of expression.

Photographs are taken with a large format, 4”x5” Wisner Technical Field Camera (like the old-fashioned cameras of the early 1900’s) or a medium format camera for photos in motion.

Special lighting techniques are used to create the effect of layered textures wrapping the body rather than laying flat on top, thus giving the impression of a more natural, blended integration of body and texture.

The film is processed and Paul Mahder begins experimenting on the light table with texture images. The final image can have between 1 and 4 layered texture images.

You will be presented with at least 5 final texture portrait options from which to choose. You can also choose from single (non layered) portraits as well.

A master printer will professionally print the image(s) you choose. These images are one-of-a-kind, museum quality, Lightjet prints, printed on Fujiflex archival paper.

Our in-house custom framing service ( can frame your portrait, enhancing your one-of-a-kind new masterpiece.

To set up an appointment call (707) 473-9150. Email Paul Mahder for answers to your questions and pricing information review Custom Portraits FAQ.To see more work by Paul Mahder visit his website.