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“Excavation - Patterns in Time”
September 08 - November 15, 2014

The Paul Mahder Gallery Presents:

“Martin Facey: Excavation - Patterns in Time.”

Opening Reception

Saturday, October 11, 2014
6-8 PM


Facey's new work culminates 40 years of explorations with symbolic imagery, rich surfaces, primal subjects and faith in processes that invite chance, accident, gesture, gravity, and time as worthy partners. Facey's mature vision returns to simpler compositions, earthy coloration and deeper revelations that evoke profound questions.

Facey now works in reverse. His explorations of the past decade have yielded inventive techniques that re-order the way a painting is constructed. Unlike traditional artworks that start with ground or background, then acquire ever-advancing foreground elements, concluding with the final touches, Facey's sophisticated innovations flip that traditional order to finish first, and background last.

These alluvial paintings replicate the process of birth and life both in imagery as well as in studio practice, by embedding raw materials, leaves, bark, flowers, nails, wire, sewing patterns and lint, water and other earthy elements. Facey's paintings stay 'wet' for days, weeks, even months, never drying, always dynamic, never static. In that sense, water and time, themselves, become inquisitors.

About the Artist

Martin Facey's career includes both a Guggenheim Fellowship in Painting, as well as the now-extinct Single Artist Fellowship in Painting from the National Endowment of Arts. He is also an award-winning Professor of Visual Arts, serving the University of New Mexico for 22 years as Professor Emeritus in Visual Arts. He earned a Masters in Fine Arts from UCLA, studying with seminal icons such as Ed Ruscha, RB Kitaj, William Brice, Robert Heineken, Joyce Treiman, Lee Mullican, Charles Garabedian, and Richard Diebenkorn, a rich stew.

This exhibit may be enjoyed through November 15, 2014 during our regular gallery hours of SUNDAY, MONDAY: 11am – 6pm
FRIDAY, SATURDAY: 11am – 7pm

For more information, please contact:
Paul Mahder, Director
(707) 473-9150