Wynn Bullock
Beyond Sight

Through June 23, 2019

The Paul Mahder Gallery Presents: Wynn Bullock: "Beyond Sight - In Search of Meaning"

Beyond Sight - In Search of Meaning, is a rare viewing of Wynn Bullock's later works of abstracted nature, alongside his earlier, more well known, nudes. The exhibit highlights the search for meaning that underlies Wynn's entire career and the connecting dialog between our bodies and nature that he explored through his photography.

In the mid-1950s, Bullock's artistry came into the public spotlight when Edward Steichen chose two of his photographs to include in the 1955 The Family of Man exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art. At the Corcoran Gallery in Washington, DC, his photograph "Let There Be Light," was voted the most popular of the show. The second, "Child in Forest," became one of the exhibition's most memorable images. By the end of that decade, his work was being featured in many exhibitions and publications worldwide.

In the mid-1960s, frustrated by the limitations of color printing technology, Bullock returned to making black-and-white photographs, continuing to expand his vision to create innovative images that reflected his philosophical nature. Differentiating what he termed "reality", the visible and the known, from "existence", the underlying truth of things, he was ceaseless in his attempts to expand his own faculties of perception and understanding so he could come ever closer in his experiences to the essence of things. Finding the means to more fully evoke that essence was also a key part of his quest. Although he included several different alternative processes (extremely long time exposures, multiple images, up-side-down and negative printing) in his repertoire of techniques, each was always used in the service of symbolizing new ways of relating to and knowing the world. He wrote,

"Searching is everything – going beyond what you know. And the test of the search is really in the things themselves, the things you seek to understand. What is important is not what you think about them, but how they enlarge you."

This exhibit may be enjoyed through June 23rd, 2019 during our regular gallery hours of 10am – 5:30pm Thursday - Monday.

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