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Migdalia Valdes has been living and working as a photographer in San Francisco since 1998.

Before coming to SF she owned a frame shop in Ithaca NY where she had the opportunity to work with such renowned artists as Kumi Korf, Eleanor Mikus, Jean Locey and Janice Levy. Inspired by their work and supported by her business, she was able to come to CA to attend graduate school at the San Francisco Art Institute. At SFAI, she worked with Jack Fulton and Linda Conner, while honing in on her own photographic art and style. She also took the grand opportunity to work with photographer Ruth Bernhard during Ms. Bernhard's last 10 years of life.

In 2007, Migdalia was awarded a SFArts Commission Cultural Equity Grant to support her lifelong project titled Every Day in Black and White. Today she continues her work with an unending commitment to art and photography, showing and promoting her work with select exhibitions, attending occasional artist retreats and lecturing about her work and process.

Bad Days Made Beautiful is a body of work that comes from within the larger framework of my lifelong project titled Every Day in Black and White. With Every Day, I have made a commitment to photograph every day using my old Rolleiflex and film. This project has become a photographic essay of what we see and think about, remember and forget, laugh at and sometimes walk by, a story of time, shifting culture, social change and memory; a poetic documentary of contemporary urban life.

Bad Days Made Beautiful are those occasional days that I just cannot muster the sincerity or energy to photograph. Over the years, as few of those Bad Days as there have been, I have maintained my commitment to the Every Day project by simply exposing film to light. What has transpired are remarkable displays of light on film, captured in an endless variety of abstractcompositions.

Displayed as real images, these Bad Days Made Beautiful have a language not just of their own, but have come to be read as abstractions that represent the feelings, moods, of their audiences. As the Every Day in Black and White project continues, so to will the Bad Days Made Beautiful series contained within. It is my hope that eventually the all the work will be shown in its entirety, dancing betweentraditional photographs of life with my project journals and my Bad Days Made Beautiful.