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BIO 1961 - Born in the city of Managua, Nicaragua
1978 - Entered the National School of Fine Arts in the city of Managua.
1982 - Participated in various group exhibitions among them. 1985 in Room "Ricardo Morales Aviles" in the Ministry of Culture Managua as a student.
1985 - He traveled to Moscow and enters the Superior Institute of Art "Surikov" in the specialty of painting.
1987 - Collective Exhibition in the halls Press Agency Novosty Moscow city
1989 - Collective Exhibition at the Institute of International Relations Moscow city
1987 - Participated with two annual exhibitions at the Higher Institute of Fine Arts 1992 "Surikov" on the occasion of end of semester and end of course as a student.
1992 - Graduated from Superior "Surikov" Institute of Fine Arts and August of that same year returned from Nicaragua
1994 - During the XIII National Arts Competition he was awarded the Honorable Mention: "Painting Artistic Excellence Rodrigo Penalba" Praxis Gallery in the city of Managua.
1996 - Participated in the International Exhibition of greater magnitude in the History of the National Plastic abroad "Song of the Rainforest; Nicaraguan Contemporary Art "with the work" SET "in" China - Taipei "
1997 - Participated in the First Biennial of Painting Nicaraguan with play "The last goodbye to Dario" in the Ruben Dario National Theater Managua City.
1997 - presented his first personal exhibition entitled "Dark Campuses "in the Culture Managua (CCM) Center in the city of Managua.
1992 - taught drawing and painting at the National School of 1999 Fine Arts in Managua for seven years.
1999 - He taught drawing and painting at the University 2003 National Engineering (UNI) in Managua.
2002 - He traveled to San Francisco, CA and participated in the "First Exhibition Collective Painting Nicaraguan "in Daly City.
2003 - Roadshow Michoacan - Managua (Mexico - Nicaragua)
2003 - Participated in two group exhibitions for two Festivals International Contemporary Art and Antique with "Roses - Sprout" foundation in Guatemala City.
2004 - He was awarded the II place in the National Painting Contest "Antonio Sarria" organized by the Central Bank of Nicaragua 2004 - He presented his second personal exhibition in Gallery Eagle.
2005 - Personal Exhibition Gallery Indigo, Managua, Nicaragua.
2005 - Nicaraguan Dominican Collective Exhibition "12 artists VISION" Indigo Gallery, Managua, Nicaragua.
2006 - Roadshow Michoacan - Nicaragua "MESOAMERICAN PAINTING, 4 PROPOSALS". House of Culture, Morelia, Michoacan.
2006 - Roadshow Michoacan - Nicaragua "MESOAMERICAN PAINTING, 4 PROPOSALS". Indigo Gallery Visual Arts. Managua Nicaragua.
2006 - Collective Exhibition of five artists "FOOTPRINTS". Gallery "The Eagle". Managua Nicaragua.
2007 - Travelling Exhibition "Between the brush and pen" Morelia: Michoacan State Museum. Managua: Praxis Gallery.
2008 - Awarded the second place in the National Contest "Drawing Darius" in the Ruben Dario National Theater. Managua Nicaragua
2009 - Collective Exhibition: "Painters, Painters and Paintings" Nicaraguan Institute of Hispanic Culture. Managua Nicaragua.
2010 - Collective Exhibition "Festival of colors" Gallery Epikentro. Managua Nicaragua
2011 - Exhibition commemorating the 66th anniversary of the UN. UN chief Cede, Managua, Nicaragua
2012 - Collective Exhibition: "Shapes and Colors 2012" Gallery Epikentro. Managua Nicaragua
2013 - Collective Exhibition: "Shapes and Colors 2013" Gallery of Modern Art Josefina. Managua Nicaragua
2014 - Collective Exhibition "Shapes and Colors 2014" in tribute to Maestro Alejandro Arostegui. Josefina Gallery of Modern Art. Managua Nicaragua
2015 - Exhibition of Latin American Art at Paul Mahder Gallery. San Francisco, CA.
2015 - Collective Exhibition "Shapes and Colors" 2015 Homage to the Nicaraguan poet Ernesto Cardenal. Gallery Epikentro, Managua, Nicaragua
2016 - Exhibition "Three Generations" with the participation of six Nicaraguan artists representing three generations of Plastic in Nicaragua. Nicaraguan Institute of Hispanic Culture (INCH). August.
_ 2016 Collective Exhibition "Shapes and Colors 2016 with the participation of 21 Artist Nicaraguans. Nicaraguan Institute of Hispanic Culture (INCH)