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Omar d´Leon is one of the most renowned painters and poets to come from Nicaragua in the last 50 years.

D´Leon studied nine years at the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes in Nicaragua under its director Rodrigo Penalba. His early inspirations were the frescos of Pompeii, where he saw the use of cross-hatching and applied this technique to his love of the Impressionist school.

He founded a museum in Managua in 1970 named “Museum-Gallery 904.” The museum's collection encompassed the arts of Nicaragua from pre-Hispanic to contemporary. In the earthquake of December 1972, D´Leon's museum and studio were partly destroyed and later ransacked, vandalized and robbed. After the Sandinistas took power in Nicaragua, he moved to Camarillo, California.

In 1982, one of his paintings was reproduced in the form of a UNICEF Stamp.

His paintings are housed in many museum's such as the Museum of Latin American Contemporary Art in Washington DC, at the Ponce Museum of Art in Puerto Rico, at the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach, Chicago Art Institute and the Cuevas Museum in Mexico City. He recently had a solo retrospective exhibit at the Ventura County Museum.

“D´Leon's work is imbued with a mystical quality, one that knows abundance in paradise and the anguish of losing it, one that held the light of grace to find a way through fear and torture to be rewarded with pure vision and the ability to record it on canvas. He infused echoes of the frescoes in Pompeii and classical Grecian ideas of philosophy, community and beauty. He imprints European impressionistic painting imported to his country by his mentor with magical realism qualities that are essentially Nicaraguan.” Amy Jones

Awards, Grants, Residencies

Diploma From Consulado General de Nicaragua
Coveted Gold Medal, Nicaragua
Silver Medal, Guatemala

2012 Paul Mahder Gallery, San Francisco, CA
  • Ventura County Museum, Ventura, CA
  • The Americas Collection, Miami, FL
2008 Salinas Gallery, Beverly Hills, CA
2004 Palacio de La Cultura in Managua
2002 Retrospective de Omar d’Leon, National Theatre of Managua, Nicaragua
1998 Nicaraguan National Theater, Managua, Nicaragua
  • Banco Mercantil – Managua, Nicaragua
  • Galeria Genesis, Managua, Nicaragua
  • The Americas Collection, Miami, FL
1995 Museo-Galeria Genesis – Managua, Nicaragua
  • The Americas Collection, Miami, FL
  • Bond Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1991 Armand Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA
  • Museo Galeria Omar d’Leon – Managua, Nicaragua
  • Palm Street Gallery, CA
1989 Gallery Fernandez, CA
1988 Gallery Costa de Oro, CA
1987 Gallery Qualli, Mexico City, Mexico
1986 Ethinow Gallery, San Diego, CA
1983 Carnegie Museum, CA
1982 Museo de Tauroentum, France

2011 Paul Mahder Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2001 Gallery Prospect Place Fine Art
2000 MOOLA Museum, Long Beach, CA
1999 Villibero-American Art Salon, Washington D.C.
1998 Nicaraguan Embassy, Washington, D.C.
  • Ortiz-Gurdian Biennial (invited artist), Managua, Nicaragua
  • National Theater, Managua, Nicaragua
  • Bienal de Nicaragua, Managua, Nicaragua
  • Art Mountain Museum, China
  • Americas Collection, Miami, FL
  • Galeria Josefina, Managua, Nicaragua
  • Gallery Codice, Managua, Nicaragua
  • Galeria Contil, Managua, Nicaragua
  • Gallery Josefina, Managua, Nicaragua
1993 Galeria Los Pipitos, Managua, Nicaragua
  • Christies Mason International, New York, NY
  • William Doyle Galleries, New York, NY
  • Galeria Los Pipitos, Managua, Nicaragua
  • Galleria Josefina, Managua, Nicaragua
  • Praxis Galleries, Mexico City, Mexico
  • Gallery Gary Nader, Miami, FL
  • Art City Gallery, CA
  • William Doyle Galleries, New York, NY
  • Christies Mason International, New York, NY
  • Millieu Gallery, Malibu, CA
  • Galeria Arriba, Great Barrington, MA
  • Convention Center, Los Angelos, CA
  • ZZYZX Gallery, CA
  • Christie’s Manson & Woods International, New York, NY
  • Golden Wings Gallery, CA
  • Carnegie Art Museum, CA
  • Momentum Gallery, CA
  • Camarillo Art Center, CA
  • Outsiders Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA
1987 Chicago Art Institute
  • Galeria La Latina, Hamburg, Germany
  • Praxis, CA
  • Museo de Arte Carillo Gil – Bellas Artes, Mexico, D.F.
  • White House – Presidential Collection, Washington, D.C.
  • Miraflores Fine Art, White Plains, NY
  • Sotheby’s Gallery, New York, NY
  • Galeria Del Teatro Nacional Ruben Dario, Nicaragua
  • Galeria Latinoamerica – La Habana, Cuba
  • Louis O. Palmer Gallery, OH
  • Unicef Flag Stamps Program
  • Museo de Arte, San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Forum – Atlanta, GA
  • Rigar Gallery, Miami, FL
  • Estudio Gallery, San Francisco, CA
  • Moss Gallery, San Francisco, CA
  • 44th Annual Art Exhibit for Ventura Co., CA
  • Segunda Bienal, Mexico, D.F.
1975 Galeria Tague, Managua, Nicaragua
1969 Bienial de Sao Paulo, Brazil
1958 Pan-American Union, Washington, D.C.
  • Bienial in Spain, Madrid, Spain
  • Bienial in France
  • New York Worlds Fair


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Jose Louis Cuevas Museum, Mexico City, Mexico
Art Museum of Ponce, Puerto Rico
National Museum of Nicaragua, Managua, Nicaragua
Latin American Art Museum, Long Beach, California
Duke University Museum, North Carolina
Cenral Bank of Nicaragua, Managua, Nicaragua
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