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Born in 1958 in Managua Nicaragua.

Since Otto's first solo exhibition in the eighties, with his graphite pencil drawings, always showed great skill and virtuosity in academic drawing with a strong and direct message. During these years, and after his established residence in the United States, his work has changed in technique and medium, but still maintains that way of saying things directly, maintaining those values for the human figure and, above all, maintaining good taste for formal compositions.

In this series, Irons of the Inquisition, Aguilar takes over the use of human fragment, almost like a sculptor much like Rodin-but at the same time mixing techniques and information. So it is that, by using watercolour paper, he imprints photographs, which are the reflection of fragments of the human body, upon which the lustrous and chrome surfaces of the irons, used for domestic purposes of unwrinkling clothes, take a space. His images have been extracted from the fragments of images from the male human body, perhaps of his own, which insist on an almost torturous theme of homosexuality and the sentences received. Aesthetically the image of the iron, reflecting those bodies, the skin, the hairs, the creases, leads us to the appreciation of real abstractions. His current work reflects an internal world, which connects with the external world, through those chromed surfaces of hot irons, which merge and reflect the human bodies.

Both content and form alike are given importance in my art.

This is why the different series I have painted are loaded with biographical aspects, particularly those which have affected me in some painful manner; marking a constant search, leading me to experiment with new materials as well as new forms of expression. With this constant search I have needed to photograph my paintings, leading me to discover digital photography where I have been able to combine my paintings with new digital elements.

In my most recent digital work entitled “Planchas de la Inquisicíon,” or “Irons of the Inquisition,” is where I have expressed my displeasure and I denounce the cruelty and hypocrisy of the religious institutions; who during the time of the inquisition, tortured and killed just as so many political powers do, all those who thought differently than they. In this series, I try to make a parody and satirize that androgynous being that is the pope, who appoints himself as the representative of GOD on earth. I use parts of my body reflected on the chrome of an iron from the 50’s and in the background, I use a printout of one of the reproductions of these popes, painted during the era of rebirth such as that of pope Farnesio, painted by Tiziano.

The nostalgia of yesterday is another theme in which I work, by utilizing old photos from the first century reflected on that same iron or by utilizing the collage technique converting the irons into sand clocks; I am interested the image will pose various lectures or interpretations. In these photos I often use as a background, parts of my paintings, next to the reflection of part of my body, in this way mixing art and life.